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Program kurzů
The program of the Centre for personal growth in Southern Bohemia
for 2018


Seminars in German or English languages


  Dances of Universal Peace Training (dances honoring the Hindu, Buddhist and Zoroastrian traditions) with Zubin Nur (Holland) and Ludmila (Czech Rep.)  
  Date: 8.-11. 3.  
The purpose of this next module of the Dances of Universal Peace training is to enter into the depth of the wisdom world traditions, learn to perceive the spirit of the dances, and eventually learn to pass them further. The dances may be the source of our healing and of our personal growth, and they may become our spiritual path.
One can participate in only one module, such as this one. This module will concentrate on dances inspired by Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism.

We will dive into a deep ocean of wisdom, which we can find in these ancient spiritual paths. We will learn mantras and dances from these traditions. We will also use some of the spiritual practices of these traditions, and learn how we can attune to Gods, Goddesses, and Bodhisattvas; learning how they can enrich and support our daily life.

  Family Constellations and Sufi Practices  
  Date: 19.-22. 4.  

With Shams-ud-din from Germany, Sufi dervish, and student of Osho and Hellinger.

Family constellations serve understanding and cleaning of our relations to our parents, brothers and sisters, partners and childern. Unconscious images of our original family influence our presence. By making a constellation uncouscious structure becomes visible and change of inner image, its interpretation and healing is possible.

Family constellations provide understanding and cleansing of our relations with our parents, brothers and sisters, partners and children. Unconscious images of our original family influence our present circumstances. By making a constellation, the unconscious structure becomes visible and change of our inner image, its re-interpretation and healing become possible. We will also look at other powers sometimes found inside of us, sometimes outside, that influence and even govern our life. This usually happens unconsciously. We can perhaps name these forces or powers making them conscious and thus integrating them into our life-force. Part of the program will be Sufi practices to facilitate the opening of our inner world. The purpose of these practices is to empty ourselves and feel our hearts clean.

  Date: 11.6.-15.6. and 3.9.-7.9.2018  

With Jorge Redtailhawk, the Bioenergetic Therapist and Lakota Sun Dancer from USA.

This is a unique experience of personal and spiritual growth. After the preparation and the ritual of purification we will spend 2, 3 or 4 nights alone in the forest. We will integrate the experiences after return from the forest.

Limited number of participants!

It is necessary you register as soon as possible, as the part of the Vision Quest is a longterm preparation - sexual abstinence one month before, fasting (it is allowed to eat vegetables and fruits one day a week), meditation, letter in which your intention is described, and preparation of prayer bags with tobacco for your protection.


  Date: 13.-20.7.  

  Date: 14.-19.8.  
With Sw. Kevala (Dr. Wormser, psychoterapist), Osho's student. After many years in India, learning meditation and tantra with Osho, he now lives in the eco-spiritual village Pachamama in the tropical forest, celebrating life in both, deep silence and juicy, joyful festivals. It is an amazing, surprising meeting with the courage, trust, power, and love of your own heart, and the heart of other people, a meeting which has expanded the life of many participants and made them more peaceful, open, loving, and free.

There is so much potential in each person, which can wake up and enrich your life. In these 5 days we will meet new friends and come together heart to heart, in words and in silence. Delicious food for meditators and lovers will be served.

  Date: 20.-30. 8.  

With Jeff Oliver from Australia,

who has 17 years experience in Vipassana meditation, 8 of which he spent as a Buddhist monk in the Burmese tradition. Now as a freelance meditation teacher, he is invited to share his wisdom in many countries including Australia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey. Jeff focuses on forgiveness to release the past, love to enhance the present, concentration to clear and sharpen the mind and awareness to produce insight and wisdom into the true nature of life, resulting in balance and peace.
Jeff's style is relaxing and natural and very practical for awareness in daily life where we learn the most about life.


  Dances of Universal Peace Training (Dances honouring the Great Mother Goddess and indigenous nations)  
  Date: 20.-23. 9.  

With Ludmila Chrastanska and Rahmana from Germany

This is a next module in the DUP training. The purpose of this training is to reach deep into the wisdom world traditions, to learn how to perceive the spirit of the dances, and to perhaps learn how to pass them along. The dances can be the source of our healing and our growth, and they may become our spiritual path.

This module will focus on dances, songs, and body prayers of indigenous traditions and the traditions of the Great Mother Goddess. We will work with the Goddess aspect in many of its forms and names, and with inherited healing gift of the indigenous nations, and with the power of elements that penetrate everything and affect everything.

If you choose, you may participate in the individual modules. This module is suited for all who feel inspired and touched by it, and particularly those who are seeking new inspirations, ideas, and repertoire, and who work in women groups during seasonal celebrations and various types of learning.

Dances, songs, and body prayers from various world wisdom traditions with the main focus on the Goddess and indigenous traditions
A cycle of the Middle Eastern indigenous nations - The Great Mother dance cycle
The methodology of leading - for education, and for healing and artistic professions
Understanding the work with elements in meditation, in breathwork, and in walks

  Africa is touching you  
  Date: 12.-14. 10.  
In the South Africa, touch and dance play important role in healing arts. This workshop will show us how we can activate our own healing power through movement and touch. Elke (Nozinyanga Shilwane Ndlandla) was recognized as Inyanga and Sangoma (traditional African healer). She travels to Africa each year to advance her skills. She has been using this healing practice since 2006.

She learned the famous "Bushmen touch" from an African Ju´Hoansi tribe that belongs to Kung, whose trans-inducing rituals stirred world-wide attention in the 80's. The unique and high social sensibility and unbelievable healing accomplishments of this tribe inspired scientific research. (There were also several books published about this tribe' healing - "Kung" or "Nisa is Talking"). This weekend will be carried with love and in deep respect for the miracle of humanity. We invited Elke because we have experienced her deep and transformative work. Ludmila is positive that she deepened her own connection to her ancestors thank to the experience with Elke's work.


  Healing with the Heart's Hidden Resources  
  Date: 1.-2. 9.  
  This will be a weekend of Sufi practices for the body, heart, and soul with L. Chrastanska, and with Brita Baraka and Hauk Jelaluddin - our guests from SRN.

Our heart possesses far more wisdom and resources than we think is possible. It is worth to discover these intuitive and creative abilities anew. In our daily life, we usually trust our brain's reasons and its limited picture of our possibilities. In Sufism, there is a long tradition of ways of listening to the heart so that it gets activated and thus freed. During the weekend, we will also work with the exercises of god-like qualities, walking meditations, zikr, dances and soul-work - in attunement of the Dervish Healing Order (Baraka is the Order's European representative) and the Universal Sufism.


Seminars in Czech language with lecturers,
who can speak also German or English:

With certified students of Stan Grof: Ludmila Chrášťanská, Jaroslav Kursa, M.D. and Petr Pacovský.
Dates: Dates: 26.-28.1., 1.-4.3. (double), 27. -29.4., 30.5.-3.6. (with sweat lodge and meditation), 2.-5. 8. (double), 14.-16.9., 15.-18.11. (double)
Price: 100 Euro, in May 150 Euro, in March and November 125 Euro.

in Nesměň

By combining relaxation, accelerated breathing, music and bodywork, altered states of consciousness occure, which allow us to get in contact with deeper layers of our psyche. During this contact, we can meet our inner wisdom, we can gain insight into ourselves and into things that happen to us. Simultaneously, the self-healing ability of our subconsciousness is being supported. New experiences are also important, as is the power of emotional energy of the group. Contra-indication: Hypertonia, Glaucoma, Pregnancy, Mental Treatment.

Other information:

In the Nesměň Centre, we have a limited number of private rooms with bedding. You can reserve one of them for an extra charge of E10 - but hurry, they go fast. Otherwise you can sleep in common rooms - dorms - please bring your sleeping bag with you. You can also sleep in your own tent or, in the summer, in our teepee. There is an option of making a reservation in a family-run pension that is about 15 minutes by foot from our Centre (00420 776 621012 Mr. Dobeš). The Nesměň village is located between villages Ločenice and Besednice, 25 km south from České Budějovice city (175 km south from Prague) and 70 km north from Linz (Austria). The bus services operates from Ceske Budejovice to Nesmen. We are also able to arrange a car pool for you with other participants either from Prague or from Ceske Budejovice. The Centre lies in a beautiful countryside about 400 m away from the village.


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